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We think like owners.

Ensero was founded in 1996 and expanded in 2006 to lead a challenging mine permitting and restoration project for our parent company. While never losing this owner’s perspective, we have since grown to be an independent, all-encompassing environmental and engineering consulting firm. Without losing our focus on practicality and cost-effectiveness, we employ novel and advanced environmental technologies to provide enduring environmental solutions for our clients, based on solid science, community awareness, and business objectives. We work with our client’s leaders to promote environmental stewardship and meet environmental, social, and economic goals.

With offices throughout North America, Ensero Solutions is an innovative leader in environmental management, water treatment, remediation technologies, and facility operations.

The Ensero Difference.

Other companies may offer similar services, but Ensero excels at providing innovative turnkey solutions. We succeed because:

  • We partner with our clients; our owner’s perspective allows us to better understand our client’s drivers and needs.
  • We have an appetite for creative contractual approaches and business solutions that allow greater flexibility in delivery and streamlined solutions.
  • We are agile, creative, and adaptive – utilizing cutting edge technologies where needed to achieve our client’s objectives.

From assessment, pre-planning, and design development, through to construction, commissioning, and ultimately, project close-out. Ensero provides turnkey services to any or all phases of a project.

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