Formerly Alexco Environmental Group (AEG) and Contango Strategies
Gladstone Interim Water Treatment plant at the site of the Gold King Mine Adit release to the Animas River in 2015.
Designed – Built – Commissioned by Ensero in 21 days.

Ensero approaches our federal projects with the same owner mentality that characterizes our private sector projects. We bring practicality, accountability, agility, and innovation that benefits our clients through cost-effective, enduring solutions. We can help at any stage of the project lifecycle, from evaluating environmental impacts through closure planning for new projects, to the implementation of remedies on existing or legacy impacted sites.

United States

As a newly registered small business company in the US Federal market sector, Ensero is well-positioned to assist the government in the practical clean-up of sites impacted with elevated metals and metalloids. We offer specialty services to federal, state and local governments related to:

  • Remediation and restoration of abandoned mines and mine lands, with specific expertise in:
    • tailing and waste dump consolidation and capping
    • acid rock drainage mitigation and remediation
    • legacy uranium mines and mill sites
  • Ex-situ and in-situ water treatment
    • Design-build-commission-operate traditional industrial and mining wastewater treatment plants
    • Innovative in-situ approaches for groundwater, mine pool or pit lake treatment
  • Microbiological and genomic assessments for specialized water treatment
    • Wetlands
    • Bioreactors
  • Long Term Operations/Care and Maintenance
  • Optimimzation of site water management and water balance to reduce water treatment costs


DUNS: 08-106-1283
CAGE No.: 820C5
Certified Small Business: 562910*, 541330, 562910,
238910, 213114
Large Business: 213115
Ensero 2021 Capabilities Statement (Download)

Representative Government Experience in the United States

Gold King Mine Adit
US EPA Region 8 (Envvironmental Restorations LLC) (Download)

  • Design-Build-Contruct-Operate an Interim Water Treatment Plant
  • Plant Operation and Maintenance

Former Barite Mine

  • In-situ pit lake water treatment
  • Recirculation
  • Water Management

Hanford 100 Areas
Department of Energy

  • Vadose and Groundwater Treatment System Planning and Design


Ensero Solutions has supported provincial/territorial governments and federal agencies since 1996 with innovative contracting solutions to ensure historic liabilities associated with past mining practices are characterized and cleaned up efficiently. We offer specialty services to federal, provincial, and territorial government related to:

  • Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessments
    • Project Description Development
    • Environmental and Socio-Economic Effects Assessments per Federal/Provincial/Territorial Legislation (IAA, EAA, YESAA)
  • Permitting
    • Major Operating and Auxiliary Permits to meet Provincial and Territorial requirements
    • Federal authorizations (DFO-FA,TC-CNWA)
  • Reclamation and Closure Planning
    • Site assessments
    • Preliminary, detailed, and final reclamation plans
    • Costing
    • Reclamation research/studies
  • First Nations and Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement
    • Supporting First Nations and Stakeholder consultation and engagement at all phases of assessment, permitting and reclamation/remediation
  • Water Treatment Design and Operations
    • Active treatment design, equipment, operation
    • In-situ biological treatment
    • Natural water treatment via wetlands and natural attenuation studies
  • Long Term Operations/Care and Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring

Representative Government Experience in Canada

United Keno Hill Silver District
Crown – Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (Download)

  • Reclamation and Closure Planning
  • Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessments
  • Permitting
  • Water Treatment Design
  • Long Term Operations/Care and Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring

Mount Nansen Mine Site
Crown – Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (Download)

  • Reclamation and Closure Planning
  • Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessments
  • Permitting
  • Water Treatment Design
  • Long Term Operations/ Care and Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring

Former Wellgreen Mill and Tailings Site
Yukon Government – Department of Environment

  • Reclamation and Closure Planning
  • Environmental and Socio- Economic Assessments
  • Permitting

Wolverine Mine
Yukon Government – Department of Energy, Mines and Resources

  • Water Treatment Design
  • Water Treatment Equipment Supply
  • Water Treatment Operations
  • Environmental Monitoring

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