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Microbiology & Genomics

Technology that takes the guesswork out of the design and operation of biological systems.


Take the Guesswork Out of Biological Systems

If you’ve experienced clogging, foaming, metal corrosion, or poor performance with your biological system, we can help.

We use DNA sequencing to identify and quantify the microbes in biological systems such as passive, semi-passive and in situ surface and ground water treatment systems.  

Our unbiased experts specialize in reviewing geochemistry, microbiology, and operational data to recommend solutions that work. Examples include:

Troubleshooting: Microbes do all of the work in a biological treatment system. When something goes wrong, knowing what is happening to your microbes is key. For example, clogging, filter fouling, corrosion, and performance upsets occur if the wrong type of bacteria grow, causing issues with performance and hydraulic conductivity. Identifying microbes can help assess the cause of the problem and lead to an informed solution.

Optimization: Some microbes can be correlated with performance and maximized operating conditions. The reactions carried out by microbes occur at an ideal pH, temperature, and ORP and optimization of conditions will impact treatment.

Testing Services

Test results come in an easy-to-understand format, and are performed in-house by experienced technical experts, offering shorter turnaround times and ensuring data confidentiality.

The Microbial Community Profile (MCP) identifies microbes and provides key information about the microbes.

Microbe Quantity (qPCR) is a method that measures the numbers of specific microbes. This test is a great complement to the MCP test, which aims to identify the microbes. 

DNA Sequencing Services We provide 16S rRNA and whole genome sequencing of environmental samples with a quick turnaround. 

Experts in Related Field

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Kari McCaffery

Microbiology and Piloting Facilities

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Vanessa Friesen

Practice Lead Biological


Example Projects

  • Rainy River Mine Water Treatment Facilities – Integrated physical/chemical and biological water treatment design

  • Minto Mine CWTS – Treatment evaluation, constructed wetland treatment, demonstration-scale construction.

  • Selenium Treatment Bioreactors – Pilot scale treatability testing and selenium removal.

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