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Moving Projects Forward & Keeping You In Compliance

Since 1996, Ensero has been working with our clients to support them in developing strategic and simple approaches to navigate the regulatory process. 


Collecting and characterizing environmental baseline data such as surface water quality, hydrogeology,
hydrology, meteorology, aquatics, metal leaching and acid rock drainage.


Completing environmental studies and supporting technical evaluations such as water and load balance
modelling, groundwater modelling and management planning to support sustainable development.

Engaging stakeholders and providing consultation with nearby communities, impacted Indigenous groups, and

Conducting environmental assessments with a simple and straightforward approach to move through the
process efficiently.

Coordination and development of permit applications to help our clients secure the regulatory approvals
needed for their projects.

Environmental Assessment & Permitting

Baseline assessments, compliance monitoring and permitting solutions to move your project forward.


Experts in Related Field


Nathan Aasman

Director of Environmental Assessment

Ryan Herbert.png

Ryan Herbert

Director of Environmental Permitting


Nikolett Kovacs

Mine Reclamation & Sustainability Lead

Example Projects

  • Coffee Mine - Mine permitting, regulatory support. 

  • Keno Hills Silver District – Baseline data collection, assessment and permitting

  • United Keno Hills Mine – Reclamation assessment, permitting and project design

  • Minto Mine – Baseline data collection, assessment and permitting

  • Mount Nansen Remediation Project – Baseline data collection, assessment and permitting

  • Kudz Ze Kayah Mine – Baseline data collection, assessment and permitting

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