In May 2019, Ensero and JDS Energy and Mining Inc. formed a limited partnership called Mount Nansen Remediation Limited Partnership (“MNR”) to enter into the agreement with Canada whereby Canada will pay MNR to remediate contamination from the previous mining activities at the former Mount Nansen Mine. The abandoned gold (and silver) Mount Nansen Mine site is located approximately 60 km west of Carmacks, Yukon. The Mine had underground development in the 1960’s and 70s, and open pit operations from 1996-1999 which were shut down due to poor recoveries, tailings dam geotechnical stability issues, and water license non-compliances. The Mount Nansen Mine is a Type II Abandoned Site, which is a federal liability. Working alongside the Government of Canada, the Yukon Government and Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nations (LSCFN), Ensero on behalf of MNRLP is primarily responsible for the development of the Remediation and Closure Plan design and the associated environmental assessment and permitting. Additionally, during the design and permitting phase Ensero on behalf of MNRLP will undertake care and maintenance of the Mount Nansen project until all permits are received to undertake including the construction and operation of a water treatment plant. This long-term remediation project is expected to take approximately 7 years to complete followed by a period of long term monitoring and maintenance. The project is focused on building a positive legacy in the Yukon, including training and employment opportunities, revenue sharing, and close involvement with LSCFN. The remediation objectives are to protect human health and safety, to protect and restore the environment, to return the mine site to an acceptable state that reflects original, traditional, and pre-mining land use, and to maximize local Yukon and First Nation benefits.

Mount Nansen Mine Site