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Combined Active and Semi-Passive Water Treatment


Rainy River Mine


Water Management, Site Operations, Microbiology & Genomics

Key Words

WTP, Design, Construction, Combined, Active and Semi-Passive, Treatment, Gravel, Bed, Bioreactor, Northern, Mine, High, Flow, Selenium, Ammonia, Nitrate, Metals, Total, Suspended, Solids, Water


Fort Francis, ON

Project Summary

Rainy River Face of Lime WTP Looking East 2020.jpeg

Rainy River, Lime Water Treatment Plant

Ensero was contracted to design, construct, and commission a cost-effective integrated water treatment system on a tight time frame to support the new Rainy River Mine development. The client was interested in evaluating alternatives to Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to treat process water containing ammonia, thiocyanate, nitrate, copper, arsenic, selenium, cyanide, and total suspended solids (TSS). Ensero’s treatment design helped the client to save more than 60% in water treatment costs by avoiding the need for RO technology. We successfully met the client’s aggressive development schedule, completing the entire design-build-commissioning project within 12 months.

Rainy River Rapid Mix Tank, Lime Silo 2020.jpeg

Rapid Mix Tank, Lime Silo

Aeration and Biomedia Close-up

Rainy River Aeration and Biomedia Close-up.jpeg
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