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Remediation and Reclamation of Smelter Site Makes Brownfields Redevelopment Possible


Former Globeville Smelter Superfund Site


Remediation, Site Operations, Water Management, Remediation & Restoration

Key Words

In Situ, Groundwater, Remediation, Permeable, Reactive, Barrier, Soil, Stabilization, Demolition, Fixed-Price, Contract



Project Summary

Rainy River Face of Lime WTP Looking East 2020.jpeg

Remediation at Globeville

In only 24 days from notice to proceed, and in difficult weather conditions, Ensero designed, constructed, and commissioned a new water treatment plant (WTP), consistently achieving treatment goals for arsenic, cadmium, selenium, and zinc. A permanent soil and groundwater remedy enabled full site release and ultimately facilitated redevelopment, creating nearly 1,000,000 ft2 of newly built construction and an award-winning brownfields redevelopment project. Ensero’s groundwater and soil remedies enabled shut down of the active WTP after four years and eliminated the need for perpetual treatment and site maintenance. The entire program was completed in only 4.5 years and on budget under a fixed-price contract secured by a performance bond. Ensero’s site-wide remediation approach was so successful that the Site was delisted from the National Priorities List in 2013 and allowed to transition to a state-led voluntary cleanup program, where it was completed with full regulatory release.

Rainy River Rapid Mix Tank, Lime Silo 2020.jpeg

Redevelopment of the Former Globeville Smelter

Globeville Site

Rainy River Aeration and Biomedia Close-up.jpeg
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