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Superfund Site Management, Remediation and Restoration


Former Uranium Mill Site


Remediation and Restoration, Water Management, Site Management, Remediation & Restoration

Key Words

Site, Restoration, Demolition, RI, Heading Toward, Complex, ROD, Remedy, Uranium, DOE


Canon City, CO

Project Summary

Rainy River Face of Lime WTP Looking East 2020.jpeg

Canon City Mine

Ensero has taken a lead role in supporting CLL on all aspects of site management, reclamation, and remediation for this complex Site. Ensero is CLL’s on-site contractor, providing scientific investigation, engineering design, remedy implementation, and on-site operation in a comprehensive, site-wide package. Multiple regulators, agencies, and community groups are actively participating. Ensero has evaluated a variety of groundwater remediation options which will be formalized in the Site Feasibility Study (FS) following completion of the Remedial Investigation (RI). Several in-situ and ex-situ technologies were pilot tested. Ensero identified opportunities to streamline the routine compliance monitoring activities to better ensure worker and public safety and improve site efficiency.

Rainy River Rapid Mix Tank, Lime Silo 2020.jpeg

Canon City

Canon City site

Rainy River Aeration and Biomedia Close-up.jpeg
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