Protecting Health & Environment

Reducing Costs

Radioactive waste disposal, including TENORM disposal, can be a very expensive proposition. Furthermore, simply identifying disposal facilities and transporting the waste can be burdensome since not all waste facilities accept the same types of waste. Ensero has the expertise to identify waste facilities and negotiate disposal contracts. More importantly, Ensero can actually develop recycling options, depending on the waste type, which would save a significant amount of money since recycling costs are substantially less that disposing waste at low-level radioactive waste landfills.

Reducing Liability

Our range of services provides essential tools for reducing liabilities due to accidents, hazards, site contamination, including the following:


  • Complete auditing services to determine the degree of regulatory compliance with occupational and radiation safety regulations (Federal, provincial, and state).
  • Health and safety program development for mining, manufacturing, and construction operations including health and safety plan development, job hazard analyses, hazard assessment and mitigation, risk analysis, training program development, safety culture improvement.
  • Health and safety program implementation including site training, incident review, root cause and risk analyses, risk management, and incident data analyses.
  • Design for Safety (DFS) services including construction plan reviews, office safety reviews, ergonomics analyses, laboratory health and safety, construction site analyses.

Radiation Safety

  • Radioactive materials protection program development including, radiation protection procedures and DFS
  • Development of bioassay programs.
  • Staff supplementing including radiation safety officers, health physicists, health and safety professionals
  • Radioactive materials site characterization and remediation support
  • Decommissioning services including pre– and post-construction sampling, waste disposal, site restoration, decommissioning construction oversight.

Occupational and Radiation Safety Services

Occupational Safety:

  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Health and safety plan development and implementation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Design for Safety
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk Identification/Analysis
  • Incident investigations

Radiation Safety

  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Licensing/permitting
  • Site monitoring
  • Dose calculations
  • Radiation protection
  • Site characterization
  • Site decommissioning
  • Radionuclides: uranium, thorium, radium, radon, polonium, lead, reactor fission products

TENORM/Source Material

  • Regulatory assistance
  • Disposal assistance
  • Waste management
  • Licensing/permitting
  • Regulations development

Striving Toward Smarter Solutions

Ensero’s occupational and radiation safety technical experts develop strategies designed to achieve the best results for our clients. Whether it is permitting/licensing, site characterization and remediation, health and safety program development/management, or radiation safety/protection, our engineers, health physicists, scientists, and regulatory specialists resolve our client’s issues with emphasis on results effectiveness and cost effectiveness.

Regulators and Communities

Our expertise excels beyond our technical results. We understand the role that regulators and the public play in certain environmental projects. Ensero’s experience interfacing with regulators and engaging the public means that we can guide our clients through a menagerie of regulations and community interactions with positive results. Ensero seeks regular and constructive interactions to resolve issues, convey complex concepts, and general information transfer to keep regulators and communities focused on a common result.

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