Formerly Alexco Environmental Group (AEG) and Contango Strategies

Restoration en-route to reuse is our passion.
We take an owner’s perspective.

Restoration and remediation programs can be complex, with the need to balance practical regulatory requirements with opportunities to restore value. Cost, schedule, risk management, and public concerns all play a role and Ensero is adept at finding the balance where site owners can reconcile their business interests with their environmental stewardship objectives and move forward.

Complex challenges require multi-disciplinary solutions and Ensero brings the full suite of technical, regulatory and strategic expertise to provide comprehensive environmental restoration services from site assessments to closure planning, remedial design, implementation, remediation, and site redevelopment planning support.


We provide services throughout the lifecycle of a project:

  • Site assessment
  • Site investigation
  • Remedial alternatives evaluation
  • Remedy design
  • Permitting
  • Remediation implementation & oversight
  • Regulatory program management
  • Stakeholder engagement and community relations
  • Facility decommissioning
  • Redevelopment planning support


From decommissioning a uranium mill, to cleaning up soil and groundwater from an urban smelter site, to reclaiming mine site tailings impoundments, Ensero’s experienced team of technical and project management professionals are prepared to take on complex site challenges.


What is your strength when it comes to site restoration?

We excel at developing site restoration strategies from an Owner’s perspective, seeking value while meeting obligations. Other areas of strength include regulatory program management, technically sophisticated solutions, and oversight of construction and field programs.

How do you support large programs?

With a team of experienced strategists and project managers, and most of the key technical disciplines in-house; along with quality strategic partners we can assemble a comprehensive project support team perfectly matched to the challenges that any give site presents.

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