Want to focus on your business rather than your environmental obligations?
We’ll do the site work.

From operating water treatment plants to Care and Maintenance, or environmental compliance monitoring, let Ensero do the site work. Our teams of well trained and experienced site support personnel can get the job done; efficiently, expertly. We take pride in finding and training multi-skilled can-do people who help us assume your site responsibilities with an Owner’s perspective, delivering the quality to keep you compliant and the cost-effectiveness that makes you glad you left it to us.

We maintain a deep bench of licensed water treatment plant operators and trained environmental technicians ready to support commissioning and operation of water treatment plants and most types of environmental field programs at active and abandoned sites.

The most common cause of plant upsets leading to loss of compliance is operator error.

Let us make sure the operating expertise is matched to the unique technology and operational challenges you face.

We can mobilize skilled operators at any licensing level and with experience operating most available treatment processes. Our environmental technicians are trained rigorously through in-house field school, with annual refreshers on techniques and regulatory requirements. We work efficiently enough that we’re often cost competitive even when we have to travel to the site.


Water treatment plant commissioning, startup, shakedown, routine operations, and winterization/seasonal shutdown. We operate water treatment plants seasonally and year-round with local and on-call labor as appropriate. We specialize in developing local talent to keep costs down and partnering with First Nations to build lasting skills, create opportunities and sustain local engagement.

Environmental monitoring, inspection, and care & maintenance services. Our site services personnel are well trained in proper methods and work in alignment with your goals for the site. By being well trained, well prepared, and properly equipped we deliver maximum labor efficiency without compromise on quality.

Site-based potable and wastewater treatment system operations. Our network of operators are versatile and able to handle range of technology and operating conditions. If you have need we have a solution.


Responsive – We have field-designed and installed full scale metals precipitation plants in as little as three weeks when a major scenic river and recreational fishery was threatened; and mobilized treatment to address diminishing seasonal storage capacity. We are agile.

Goal focused – Whether meeting stringent discharge standards, achieving high flows or being adaptive to changing flows or water quality, we adapt. We support experienced operators with expert engineering and scientific support. Most of our systems are seasonally dynamic and a challenge for their site owners to operate effectively.

Optimization – Some microbes can be correlated with performance and maximized operating conditions. The reactions carried out by microbes occur at an ideal pH, temperature, and ORP and optimization of conditions will impact treatment.


We’re treating water and returning it to the environment all day, every day. We’re preventing major releases and protecting pristine ecosystems for our clients so that they can focus on their business.


What kinds of systems can you operate?

We built our business on mine water treatment, using the full range of metals removal technologies, but we also have the in-house expertise to produce potable water or treat a wide range of industrial wastewaters.

Where do you work?

We have operated water treatment plants in the Mountain West of the United States and at sites in British Columbia, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Ontario.

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