At Ensero Solutions we solve water problems.

We are brought in to solve industrial and mine water problems at all stages. Our greatest contribution comes when we can work with the owner to define the problem, and in doing so we can create a world of solutions that otherwise might be missed.

Where the problem is already defined, we bring a full array of technical solutions that we can rapidly implement/deploy. Our technical experts have experience treating a broad array of constituents, including metals and metalloids, hydrocarbons, radionuclides, perchlorate, and nitrogen compounds including cyanide, explosives, ammonia and nitrate. We have a vast experience working in a range of climates including cold northern environments, and have temperature controlled pilot facilities that test and optimize our technology selection and design before construction and implementation.

We focus on treating water holistically in a way that makes sense for our clients, for the environment, and for the site. From managing contamination sources, to in situ treatment that uses existing mine features (e.g., pit lake or mine pools), we focus on delivering water treatment solutions that meet your objectives at every stage. Our expertise in assessment and permitting ensures clients are supported through the full project life cycle, that stakeholders are engaged, and that a strategic approach is used to navigate the regulatory process. We work with other vendors to enhance our team in all phases of projects, including process design through construction, commissioning, and operation of treatment facilities.

Our Industrial and Mine Water Treatment Services Include:

  • Pilot Testing (physical, chemical, and biological treatment)
  • Feasibility evaluation for passive and semi-passive treatment
  • Process design
  • Detailed design
  • Construction management and commissioning
  • Treatment plant optimization and troubleshooting
  • Treatment systems operations and compliance

Some examples that illustrate the power of our technical arsenal:

  • Working with the US Environmental Protection Agency and Environmental Restoration, we designed, built and initiated treatment operations to mitigate the Gold King Mine spill. From the time that the contract was awarded until treated water left the plant was 20 days! Since then, we have continued to improve the plant and respond to changing conditions until the Bonita Peak Superfund process selects a final remedy. We are agile to meet emergent needs of our clients.
  • In support of the brownfield cleanup and redevelopment of the Asarco Globeville Smelter cleanup in Denver Colorado, we built a fit for purpose active lime water treatment plant with iron coagulation for metals and arsenic treatment of water collected from a groundwater interception trench. We then utilized our patented microbial sulfate reduction in situ treatment process to treat groundwater upgradient of the trench, allowing the collection of water to cease within 3 years because the water entering the trench met the groundwater site standards. The in situ treatment process allowed demolition of the active water treatment plant only 5 years after it was built, permanently treating the metals in groundwater across the smelter site. The permanent soil and groundwater remedy enabled full site release and ultimately redevelopment of the site that created nearly one million square feet of new built construction and an award-winning brownfields redevelopment project.
  • Working for a large gold mine in Ontario, we pilot tested and ultimately built at full scale a 4- stage water treatment system to treat 20,000 m3/day of tailings facility water associated with gold milling using cyanidation. The 4 stages included suspended solids and metals treatment using lime and ferric iron coagulation, followed by an ammonia and residual cyanide oxidation using a biological treatment process using suspended biomedia, followed by a fixed film nitrate and selenium treatment bioreactor, followed by metals polishing in a fixed film sulfate reduction bioreactor.
  • Working with a mine in the Yukon, we evaluated several technical solutions for water treatment in closure. We provided environmental management, assessment/permitting, and passive water treatment design and testing support for the Mine. A constructed wetland treatment system was identified as a desirable option for closure for further design and testing, as once established they can become self-sustaining treatment systems.

Featured Projects:

Gladstone Interim Water Treatment Plant
Silver King In Situ Water Treatment
Rainy River Mine Water Treatment Facilities
Mount Polley Constructed Wetland Treatment System (CWTS)
Schwartzwalder Mine

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