Formerly Alexco Environmental Group (AEG) and Contango Strategies

Jim Harrington

Jim Harrington is both CEO and Chief Technical Officer of Ensero providing technical oversight for the company’s services. He provides technical expertise in environmental science and engineering with a focus on remediation technologies and water treatment. He has been a pioneer for in situ and biogeochemical treatment technology applications for metals, radionuclides, perchlorate, and nitrogen compounds including cyanide, explosives, ammonia and nitrate. He has provided technical expert services for mining and industrial projects in assessment and permitting phases, and expert witness for microbiology and mining litigation. Jim holds a Master of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics.

Anthony Allen

Anthony Allen joined the Ensero team in 2015 responsible for corporate development and Brownfields projects. Prior to joining Ensero, Mr. Allen was a partner at Seabord Capital Corp, a consulting company that provides investment analysis and financial services to companies operating in the mining, oil and gas, and energy sectors. Prior to joining Seabord Capital (formerly Terrasearch Inc.) in 2007, Mr. Allen spent 20 years as a consultant/project manager to environmental remediation, brownfield redevelopment and energy related projects in North America. Mr. Allen has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from the University of Southern California.

Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes is Ensero’s Operations Director. He specializes in closure strategies for complex environmental sites. Paul’s experience includes leveraging multidisciplinary technical teams to solve complex problems, often with innovative technical or business strategies. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Master of Science Degree in Environmental Science where his thesis research focused on the use of fungi in fixed-film bioreactors.

Stephen J. Cohen, PG, CSP

Stephen J. Cohen, PG, CSP serves as Ensero’s practice leader for geological and radiation services. His expertise is in radioactive materials management, regulatory compliance, site characterization, and remediation. Mr. Cohen manages the radiation services group which consists of health physicists, health physics technicians, and he also manages radionuclide water treatment projects. Mr. Cohen holds a B.S. in Geology from the University of Maryland, a Certificate in Civil Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and an M.S. in Geological Engineering from the University of Idaho. He also possesses a PG from Pennsylvania and is a Certified Safety Professional through the Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Kevin Conroy

Kevin serves as Ensero’s Overall Engineering Practice Leader. He has more than 37 years of professional experience in the field of industrial water and wastewater management and treatment. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in thirteen states, and over his career has worked on hundreds of projects that have encompassed a variety of contaminant types including metals, inorganic compounds, high dissolved solids, hydrocarbons, toxic organic compounds, and radionuclides. Industry segments include mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, food and beverage, groundwater and leachate, and a variety of nuclear facilities. Project scope has ranged from process development (including bench and pilot studies) through detailed design, construction, commissioning, and operations.

Vanessa Friesen

Dr. Vanessa Friesen serves as Ensero’s technical leader for biological treatment including treatment wetlands and bioreactors, selenium biogeochemistry, and microbial genomics. She provides technical oversight for our water treatment piloting facilities and Ensero’s Microbiology and genomics testing laboratories. She has extensive experience as a scientific lead on projects for biological water treatment and industrial and environmental microbiology. She holds a double bachelor of science degree in Microbiology & Immunology and Biochemistry, and a PhD that focused in industrial microbiology and genomics.

Andrew Gault

Dr. Andrew Gault is an environmental chemist and technical lead for much of Ensero’s water quality and acid rock drainage/metal leaching characterization work. His experience includes the characterization of the geochemical and microbial controls on metal(loid) mobility in the environment, including mine drainage impacted settings, radionuclide and metalloid transport in the shallow subsurface, and industrially contaminated soils and sediments. He also contributes to the design and implementation of biological water treatment solutions for active mine and post-closure settings. He holds an MChem in Environmental Chemistry and a PhD in Aqueous Geochemistry.

Kari McCaffery

Kari serves as Ensero’s business unit lead at Ensero’s micro laboratories, overseeing operations and business development. She has more than twenty years of experience as an industrial microbiologist, manager, and business development professional. She holds a double bachelor of science degree in Applied Microbiology and Biology, a MSc in Applied Microbiology, and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Kai Woloshyn

Kai is the Vice President Strategic Projects with fifteen years’ experience in mine development, reclamation and closure. Kai has successfully project managed and been the technical lead for numerous baseline studies, environmental impact assessments, regulatory permitting & licensing projects and lead First Nation & stakeholder engagement within Northern Canada. His work experience has included  providing expert testimony in Regulatory hearings regarding geochemistry, water quality and environmental management as part of leading mining projects through the Yukon environmental assessment and permitting processes. He holds a combined major bachelor of science degree in Chemistry and Earth and Ocean Science and is a registered Professional Chemist in British Columbia.