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Water Management

Delivering water treatment solutions at every stage of the mining life cycle.


Holistic Site Water Management

Our greatest contribution comes when we can work with the owner to define the problem, and in doing so we can create a world of water management solutions that otherwise might be missed.


From managing contamination sources, to in situ treatment that uses existing mine features (e.g., pit lake or mine pools), we focus on delivering water treatment solutions that meet your objectives at every stage


Ability to treat a broad array of constituents, including metals and metalloids, selenium, hydrocarbons, radionuclides, perchlorate, and nitrogen compounds including cyanide, explosives, ammonia and nitrate.

Active, passive and biological water treatment systems including design, construction, commissioning and operations. 


We have vast experience working in various climates including cold northern/high altitude environments. Our temperature-controlled pilot facilities allow us to test and optimize our technology selection and design before construction and implementation.

Experts in Related Field

Corné Pretorius.jfif

Corné Pretorius

Director Mine Water Management

Robert Taylor.jpg

Robert Taylor

Project Development Lead

headshot_ minchow_edited.png

Kristina Minchow

Project Development Lead

Example Projects

  • Gladstone Interim Water Treatment Plant – Design, build and operate a WTP in 21 days.

  • Silver King In Situ Water Treatment – Reclamation assessment, permitting and project design

  • Rainy River Mine Water Treatment Facilities – Integrated physical/chemical and biological water treatment design, build and operate

  • Mount Polley Constructed Wetland Treatment System (CWTS) – Passive water treatment system design and piloting

  • Schwartzwalder Mine – Baseline data collection, assessment and permitting

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