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Reclamation and Closure of Abandoned Silver Mine District in Northern Canada


Elsa Reclamation and Development Company


Remediation and Reclamation, Water Management, Assessment & Permitting, Remediation & Restoration

Key Words

Type 2, Abandoned, Site, 35, underground, adits, mines, Multiple, Environmental, Assessments, District, Wide, Reclamation, Closure, Planning, Baseline, data, collection, Compliance, monitoring, Environmental, Management, Mitigation, Planning


Central Yukon

Project Summary

Rainy River Face of Lime WTP Looking East 2020.jpeg

Keno Hill

Ensero is a key partner in the remediation of the historic United Keno Hill Mines (UKHM). In a comprehensive and on-going program which has spanned over 15 years, Ensero is performing permitting, assessment, and remediation activities to achieve eventual site closure at all mine impacted land within the District. Over the past 15+ years, Ensero has completed baseline environmental monitoring programs, executed numerous studies, completed separate environmental and socio-economic assessments under the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act, including development of the district wide Reclamation Plan, completed two Type B Water Use Licenses for Care and Maintenance Activities, and completed the district-wide Remediation Plan. Ensero has prepared and submitted hundreds of deliverables in support of the closure of this historic site.

Rainy River Rapid Mix Tank, Lime Silo 2020.jpeg

Keno Hill, former site

Germaine Lake and the Wernecke Tailings Delta

Rainy River Aeration and Biomedia Close-up.jpeg
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